flydubai offers more flexibility to passengers

flydubai recently changed their baggage rules to provide passengers with more options and flexibility to suit their requirements and budget. A bigger range of fares have been introduded including changes to both the checked baggage allowance and hand luggage rules.

Types of fare

The "No Change" fare - once it is paid for, the booking cannot be changed or cancelled.

The "Pay to Change" fare - allows passengers to change or cancel their flight up to 24 hours before departure at a cost of AED 100 per person, per flight, plus the difference in fare. If the new fare is lower, a?flydubai?voucher will be issued.

The "Free to Change" fare - includes a 20kg checked baggage allowance. The flight can be changed up to 24 hours before departure, with only the difference in price to pay. If the fare is lower, a?flydubai?voucher will be issued. If the booking is changed less than 24 hours before departure, a charge of AED 365 will be imposed per flight, plus the difference in price.

The above fares will include one piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 7kg and not larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm in addition to a small laptop bag or handbag.

Checked baggage weight allowance

Passengers can also pre-purchase a checked baggage weight allowance of 20kg, 30kg or 40kg. Passenger will be allowed to bring up to three pieces of luggage, but no bag should exceed 75cm x 55cm x 35cm, nor weigh more than 32kg. These packages can be pre-purchased at a discount up to four hours before the flight.

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