Dubai dress code

Dubai is very hot, so you'll probably spend most of your time indoors. Dubai locals generally afford more respect for women who are more covered up. Locals are especially sensitive to skimpy outfits being worn in areas outside mosques. Other than in holiday-type hotels avoid wearing beach-wear and revealing outfits - e.g. micro skirts or midriff showing. Topless sunbathing is not allowed for females, or for that matter any exposure of nipples in public. Do not wear thong bikinis anywhere. Abu Dhabi is more conservative than Dubai, and Sharjah is very conservative.


05 August 2010

Briton, a British woman was arrested and charged with indecency after walking through a Dubai shopping mall wearing a bikini. She is not the first to fall foul of Dubai's strict laws, businessman Vince Acors and publishing executive Michelle Palmer received three-month jail terms after being convicted of having sex on a beach in July 2008 and Charlotte Adams, 26, and Ayman Najafi, 24, were jailed for a month earlier this year for kissing in a restaurant.

Advice on the Foreign Office website reminds tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates that local laws reflect the fact it is an Islamic country.

09 Aug 2009

respectful clothing in a Dubai mall

A sign requesting respectful clothing in a Dubai mall. Sea goes on to say that "in this area (Dubai) it's inappropriate for women to wander around the city or malls in hotpants, mini skirts, low tops." Here's a quote from a Russian businesswoman after she was handed a brochure on how to dress: "I respect Dubai, its religion, culture and people, I come here frequently for business and pleasure...I used to wear a sleeveless short gown or miniskirt and according to my background it is a decent outfit and doesn't cause any kind of embarrassment. "

19 Apr 2009

Raffi, who had been living in the UAE for 5 years, is found guilty of "indecent exposure" and sentenced to indefinite exile from the UAE and a month in prison, plus. In Nov 2009 he had worn this t-shirt in Dubai, whilst visiting a bakery, and an Arab man confronted him which led to his arrest.

this t-shirt is offensive in Dubai


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